Our Commitment

An inclusive workplace and strong values are The Gallagher Way and the foundation of our business. 

At Gallagher, we have always believed in doing the right thing. Our commitment to leading with integrity has guided us through many decades of substantial growth and nurtured a culture, which is a strong differentiator for us.

We see diversity as a strength and inclusion as a conscious commitment. By embracing diversity in all its forms, Gallagher will continue to innovate, discover new ways of benefiting our clients, drive business results and create a rewarding and enriching place to work for all employees. 

We aspire to be at the forefront and elevate the conversation across Gallagher and our industry. It will be a journey and we committed for the long-term

Susan Pietrucha
Chief Human Resources Officer

To attract, retain and develop the best possible talent—we need to open our doors more widely. Diversity & inclusion creates competitive advantage, and will ensure our culture thrives for many generations to come.

Rodney Johnson
Divisional Vice President of Culture & Inclusion

At Gallagher, we understand our social responsibility around culture and inclusion; however, we do not view it from a philanthropic lens. It’s truly about the business, and the demand is coming directly from our customers. It’s not about checking the box—it’s a business imperative and a competitive differentiator.

Tom Gallagher
CEO, Gallagher Global Brokerage

There are many statistics today showing that businesses that are more inclusive and diverse are more successful enterprises. We do it because it’s important. It’s about who we are.

Larry Phillips
Assistant Vice President, Culture & Inclusion

Beyond the depth of Gallagher’s technical expertise and risk management solutions, clients expect business partners to align with their mission, values and the communities they serve.

Tom Tropp
Vice President, Ethics & Sustainability

Tenet #23 in The Gallagher Way says, “We are a warm, close company. This is a strength, not a weakness.” Each one of us is a unique human being, with significance in the company and in the world. As an organization of people, we commit to respecting and honoring each other; and working to make the world a better place for our children and for our grandchildren. All are welcome; and all are valued.

Tracy Xu
Area Vice President, Asia Pacific Division

I think Gallagher is very much on the forefront of seeing the future. I left a large insurance carrier to join and grow Gallagher’s Asia Pacific Division. To succeed globally, corporations need to build understanding about many different cultures.

Stacey Williams
Executive Director - Sales, Account Management and Marketing

I am excited about being part of a cultural change within this business. Culture and inclusion is personally important to me because it means I can bring my authentic self to work and be appreciated for who I am.

Vishal Jain
Global Chief Service Officer

To achieve our goals across the enterprise and within the Gallagher Service Center, we need to hire the best available talent and out innovate others. This requires being diverse and inclusive in our hiring strategy to truly get the best people. We have always observed that having a diverse team and inclusive culture leads to better ideas and more innovation.

Jonathan Turner
​CEO, Pen Underwriting

Inclusion is the right thing to do. It’s not about filling quotas or adhering to strict parameters it’s about shaping our workforce to better reflect the society and modern world in which we operate.

Ignacio Manzo
​Regional Director, Multinational Client Practice

Gallagher is a great place to work or start a career because it has a really strong culture and philosophy around inclusion. If you have potential, if you have talent—they give you the opportunity to really do many things, which can take you way beyond where you’re imagining.

Ryan Darling
​Head of Internal Communications

Each of us, every colleague in every role, has a role to play in helping Gallagher succeed. Part of my vision for Gallagher, as we think about communications, is to ensure every employee feels like their voice is heard—and our communications are a reflection of our values.

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

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